Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dirty Old Men

You know, I feel really badly for the women and children involved in this polygamy situation in Texas. They seem so...innocent. Regardless of what life is like in the compound, they've got to be terrified of what's going on now, all these outsiders just taking their children away.

I'm kind of surprised that as many of the women have opted to be interviewed. Lord knows they all look and sound like drones, which sort of wigs me out, but it still surprises me that they'd agree to be on TV. Which I'm sure is evil, right?

Anyway, of course, if there is rampant sex abuse going on, it's got to be addressed, but what's so wrong with polygamy anyway? I know, I know, the argument can be made that many of these women aren't given choice who they are going to marry and that they are brainwashed and/or beaten, and are forced to marry when they are still children. But just as a concept, assuming all parties are legal and willing participants, why should we care if a man marries two women? Or eight? I know the real issue in this particular case is the girls who are being forced to marry, but it just got me thinking about polygamy in general I guess.



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