Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Rolo, who is, as I've mentioned, an exceptionally good-natured baby, has been on a bender the last couple of days. He was sick over the weekend, but seemed better by Sunday night. Even when he's sick, he's remarkably happy. But since Monday morning he's been cranky in the mornings and evenings (his teachers seem to think he's been "okay" during the day). At any rate, he's flat-out refused to eat dinner the last two nights and he has never refused solids, even when he's been sick. Plus, he's just....not himself. One minute he seems fine, the next he's screaming, the next he's laughing...and then whining. I don't feel any teeth coming in and he's not running a temperature. So I'm not sure what his issue is. It's like he's caught some kind of bipolar disorder.

One possibility that we're entertaining is that he may be allergic to his hypoallergenic formula. Apparently, lots of kids with milk allergies are, and need to be put on the prescription stuff. In Rolo's case though, since I'm still not convinced he has a soy allergy, the answer could be just switching him back to soy formula, something I'd love to be able to do anyway. But we have an appointment with our crackpot allergist on Monday and I'm sure he'll advise doing more testing for a soy allergy before trying the soy formula again.

The other weird things going on with Rolo is random vomiting. Over the last 3 weeks, he's puked about 6 times, mostly after eating solids. There's no pattern to which food it is and it's all stuff he's eaten before without a problem. So I don't think this is related to a food allergy. He just coughs...and then sometimes pukes. Although not every time he coughs, so it's like this cool guessing game. He starts to cough and Ron and I start to prepare for regurgatation, which may or may not come. Rolo always recovers quickly, looks around like "what was that?" and then goes back to playing. It barely phases him.

As per usual, I caught whatever Rolo had over the weekend, only three times as bad. I woke up with laryngitis this morning to boot, and then after giving Rolo a bottle, he brought it all back up all over me. And the couch. So yeah, it's been an awesome day.

Actually, today wasn't that bad. I mean I do want to get the random vomiting solved (oh because while formula vomit is gross enough, at least it's a "baby thing". Solid food vomiting is a whole other ballgame; I feel like I'm tending to a hungover frat boy), but what I'd really like is to have my baby with the sunny disposition back. I've realized how spoiled I am. Some people have babies who cry all the time. Mine goes on a two day cranky spell and I'm beside myself on what to do.

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