Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hi! More With Vomit

So I haven't been posting much lately, right? Yeah, that's because Rolo is totally giving me a run for my money.

On Wednesday, daycare called and asked that he be picked up early because of the vomiting. They also ask that a vomiting child not return until they've been vomit-free for 24 hours. I get this. You don't want sick kids at school, infecting everyone.

So I picked Rolo up and worked from home Thursday. He vomited again Thursday morning, so I stayed home again Friday, just as a precaution. He was fine all weekend, although not eating as much. Figuring this was a virus he was getting over, this didn't concern me. Monday morning, we went back to daycare and by Monday afternoon, I got another call to pick him up again since he was (again) vomiting. And also that he couldn't return for at least another 24 hours. I was about having a nervous breakdown that I'd be home from work again for the third time in 4 days. I was also totally confused about a virus that essentially took three days off. Do viruses work that way?

No, no they do not.

Rolo happened to have a follow-up appointment with his allergist last night, his allergist who will be known henceforth as Dr. Crackpot. Dr. Crackpot is Ron's family's allergist. They all swear by him and it seems like he knows what he's doing, but I swear I think demensia is starting to settle in. Following what he's saying is not easy.

Anyway, in the back of our minds, Ron and I had wondered about whether all this vomiting could be allergy related. Dr. Crackpot's working theory right now is (see if you can follow this) that Rolo has seasonal allergies which are causing post-nasal drip which is aggravating his acid reflux, causing him to vomit.

Try telling that to day care.

I have a note from the allergist explaining that Rolo is not viral, nor contagious and I also have a supply of Zyrtec which may help clear up the seasonal allergies and therefore indirectly, eliminate the vomiting. Whatever, my kid is going to wind up getting expelled. Because I'm going to have start refusing to pick him up each time he pukes. Either that, or start looking for another job where they don't care whether I actually show up.

I'm not totally sold on Dr. Crackpot's allergy theory. For one, Rolo is still and increasingly so, refusing to eat solids. Perhaps it is that his reflux is bothering him and he's starting to associate eating with not feeling well. But I really don't know that he has that level of comprehension yet. And he's cranky. Probably because he's hungry. Ron, who is a sound judge of medicinal diagnosis seems to agree with Dr. Crackpot. If the hunger strike continues much longer I'll have to bring him to see the regular pediatrican. Also, if he pukes again tomorrow at daycare, I'm going to jump off the top of my office building.

In the meantime, for reasons I can't imagine why, the gray hair on my head seems to be multiplying at an alarming rate.

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