Monday, February 11, 2008

Field House

On Saturday, Ron and I dumped the kid off at Ron's parents' house and we went to the Auto Show with Deidre and Frank. Everybody seemed to find their dream car and for me, apparently it was a Ford Edge. Well, not really. I like looking at cars, but strangely none ever totally appeal to me. Sedans generally speaking are not my thing.

I do like the Ford Edge, but as far as cars go, high-end, it is not. And if you're going to the Auto Show, you're looking for fancy. So I tried to be in love with BMWs. I love them from the outside and the interior leather was like butter, but the design of the dashboard irked me. The cupholders were chintzy. I know that cupholders are not an essential design element and that frankly, BMW probably cringes at having to incorporate them at all, but for $50k, it think they should be somewhat substantial.

I did enjoy the Range Rover Sport I also like the look of the BMW SUV, but I've long held that it's ridiculous to get a luxury SUV. And again, the dash was probably annoying.

Anyway, we all had a ridiculously good time and afterwards, we went to Field House, a new restaurant in the space previously occupied by Independence Brew Pub. Other than adding small TVs to every booth, Field Day changed virtually nothing from the Independence Bew Pub (IBP) design. I was definitely wary about going. Although IBP had a good location, their food was...meh. Plus, we were originally supposed to have our rehearsal dinner there, but last minute logistical problems caused by the IBP manager forced us to change the venue. Regardless, I was willing to give it a try.

The menu looked decent and I felt much better when I realized that this place was owned by the same folks as Public House and The Mission Grill. Not that I've been to either of those places either (well, I did have a beer once at Public House), but at least I knew that Field Day was not owned by the same folks as IBP.

Anyway, as the name suggests, Field Day is definitely a sports bar that just happens to serve food. We got the crab articoke dip which was quite thick, but pretty yummy. We also got an appetizer of fries with cheese and Old Bay seasoning. I'm not big on larger cut fries, which is what these were. Ron and I got the turkey club sandwiches on a pretzel roll. I love a pretzel roll. Turns out I wasn't much in the mood for turkey, but I think otherwise it would be a good sandwich. It had this mustard sauce, that was quite tasty. Deidre and Frank got burgers, which were huge, and they came with larger cut fries as well.

One appetizer that we didn't get (and should have) was the soft pretzels with a cheese dipping sauce. Seriously, how great is that as bar food? So all in all, I think Field Day is good place to watch a game, or to meet for a beer, particularly if beer is specifically what you're looking for. As a restaurant, it's okay for a casual meal, but nothing spetacular.

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At 6:41 PM, Blogger Meg said...

My brother recently asked me to dinner (shockingly) at the Public House. I told him I'd rather go anywhere else but he insisted because his friend owns it. It really wasn't that bad & I like that their burgers are on English muffins. Nice touch.

At 6:43 PM, Blogger Meg said...

ps - thanks for the pic!!! Did you see the new Mini Clubman? I'm invited to Club House party for the new Clubman featuring club sandwiches and club soda based cocktails. My dream job is to work for Mini Cooper USA PR.


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