Friday, February 01, 2008

The Sixth Month

So today's the day. The kid is six months old. Let's see, what's happened this last month? Um, yeah, not much. He's been sick. A lot. Double ear infections, pink eye, random viruses and most recently, roseola. Daycare is great for my sanity and not so good for Rolo's immune system. What else? He still hates tummy time. Still refuses to put much weight on his arms. I have to give him credit though; once he takes a position on something, he sticks with it. Strong-willed, he is.

I feel like the last month has sort of been a period of limbo, like we're on the verge of other, bigger and better things. Rolo can almost sit up by himself, but not quite. He can almost roll over, but not quite. He yaps away almost contantly, but isn't quite putting together vowel-consonant sounds.

We introduced solids the end of December and boy, does he ever chow down. The cutest part is that for as big as he's getting, he still looks like a very wee little person in his high chair.

Rolo is very nosy these days. He's always trying to see what else is going on and will contort himself into all sorts of weird and uncomfortable positions to find out who's talking or what's on TV or what that sound is. Gone already are the days where he's content to put his head down on my shoulder and fall asleep. No, there's far too many interesting things going on and he often fights sleep, particularly if he's in an upright position.

Oh, I know what else! Rolo's ticklish! We realized this month that the bottoms of his feet, his inner thighs and under his arms are all ticklish. And we realized this because he's started laughing this rough, full-bodied laugh. And after a long day at work, it's the best sound. Ever.



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