Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Obama v. Hillary

Do you notice how every candidate is referred to by his last name, except for Hillary? Because Clinton just confuses people? Which Clinton? The former president? The democratic candidate? The American people just can't figure it out. Apparently.

Anyway, which would be better? I'm still torn. I've long dispised Hillary, but Obama's desire to make nice-nice with countries we typically don't make nice-nice with, makes me nervous. Could be a good thing though. Depends on who and what he hopes to accomplish. So you know, maybe I'm rooting for Hillary. I don't know just yet. Since I'm a registered Republican though, I won't have a say in who the Democratic candidate is. So why the hell do I even care who the Democratic candidate is? Because, and it's still early in the game here, but I'm inclined to think I'll vote Democrat come the presidential election.

Why? Well, duh.

The Republican candidates are a hot mess. I can't stand Romney. I kind of like Huckabee, but let's face it, he won't be viable for long. And McCain is okay, but he stance on immigration scares the living bejesus out of me. I've said before since just about everyone thinks the federal government is tanking, let's get a Democrat in there and see what he/she can do. Frankly, I think the only way we'll have a Republican president come 2009 is if the way far conservative right totally freaks out that there could be a woman or black man in office and consequently comes out in record numbers to vote.

Which, you know, is possible.



At 9:53 AM, Blogger Star said...

Huckabee is the scariest of the Republicans. Read up some on his history and "sermons" and if you aren't scared too I will be incredibly surprised.

He has won over so many people because his handlers have figured out that he does have some charm and marketed him in main stream media very well, but when the truth of his stance on various issues comes out, it contradicts that friendly personailty we are innudated with.

At 1:02 PM, Blogger Christy said...

I was just talking to one of my coworkers about Huckabee.

I agreed with my coworker who said "Huckabee is likable when he isn't talking about policy. He seems like a cool guy. And then he starts talking about the sanctity of life and government needing to follow more of the bible and whoa boy."

Scary man.


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