Monday, December 03, 2007

Four Months

So over the weekend, Rolo turned four months old and this was celebrated with much hacking, vomiting and phlegm. Rolo has a lovely daycare-induced cold and since he doesn't know how to cough on purpose to clear his throat, the result has been much mucus build-up and choking. Poor thing starts to choke and you can see him panic, like he's seeing his very short life flash before his eyes. There has been much time with nasal aspirators and steam baths. Rolo despites the former and my hair despises the latter.

Anyway, with little regard for Rolo's condition, we got together with my girlfriends, Hope and Kim, their husbands and kids over the weekend. And let me tell you what a different experience get togethers are with kids. Mine pooped on Hope. Still we had a great time, albeit a sober one.

Over the last month, Rolo has really started grabbing things in a purposeful way. Unfortunately, my hair is often on the receiving end of the grabbing. His head control is pretty good, but he still refuses to put any weight on his arms when he's on his tummy. In fact, he still views tummy time as some sort of ancient torture ritual. Which of course, I'll have to ask his doctor about because by this point tummy time should be a sort of natural thing and you know, I don't want my kid being the slowest in the class, so to speak.

Rolo has also developed an even greater love for the sound of his own voice. He's constantly talking to himself and lately has taken to screeching at high volumes. I'm pretty sure he just likes the way it sounds. I'm also pretty sure I have damaged ear drums.

The greatest accomplishment this month is that Rolo is sleeping through the night on a regular basis. Of course I'm not sleeping through the night, because I set an alarm for 2:30am so I can pump. But good for Rolo for sleeping for like 10 hours straight. Can you tell that I'm bitter? The good news is that the ol' milk supply is back up again for reasons I can't explain either. I'm really, really happy I got to four months without having to go to formula. Now if I can manage another two months, I think I'll be completely satisfied and resume my normal, pump-free life.

Actually, now that I think about it, it seems maybe I took the dedication I used to apply to working out and applied it to breastfeeding. Because Lord knows I'm not working out. It's been 5 months since I've been to a gym. Really, I haven't even done yoga, or even stretching at home. Most of the time, I'm really okay with that, convinced that at some point I'll get back on the bandwagon, but sometimes when I really think about how out of shape I am, it really gets on my nerves. Mainly because I'll be starting all over from ground zero to get back to my formal level of fitness.

But this post is supposed to be about Rolo, right? Overall, I can say that he's turning in a pretty happy, pretty social baby. Later this month he'll go for a doctor's appointment and I can't wait to see how much he weighs and how long he is. Because he seems huge. Not really chubby, but long and solid.

I'm excited for Christmas too, because although he has no idea he's done it, Rolo's arrival has made Ron and I a little family. Despite the lack of sleep and the pumping of boobs, and the times I can't go have fun with my friends and the times I've wanted to throw him out the window, I can't help but look at Rolo and Ron and smile. Especially now at the holidays and although I didn't know it before, this is exactly what I've always wanted.



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