Tuesday, September 04, 2007


So Rolo's first overnight trip went well, relatively speaking. The poor thing is developing acide reflux and is uncomfortable most of the time. And that translates in a cranky baby. Overall, though, it went well. The trailer (down by the river) is very quiet and peaceful and I thoroughly enjoyed the change of scenery.

I would be remiss, however, not to mention the down parts. Ron and I, thanks to Ron's mom, went to dinner Saturday night by ourselves. By the time we actually got to the restaurant, it was later than we had planned and we were both completely exhausted. Still, we were determined to have a night out. Or rather, I think I was determined. There was an hour wait for a table, which would annoy me at any time, but particularly when I'm already ready for bed. We spent that time listening to a band at the bar. The band was very good, surprisingly. At one point though, I looked around and realized the bar was crowded, though not overly so, and rather loud. It's exactly the kind of scene Ron and I would have been into a year ago, listening to music, drinking a couple of Coronas. I said to Ron, "I feel like this isn't our life anymore." And Ron replied without a trace of regret, "Because this isn't our life anymore."

The next day, Ron watched Rolo while I went to the beach. I couldn't stay at the beach long because I needed to go back and pump. Between a baby and a pump, I constantly have something attached to me. I probably would have stayed on the beach for hours had it not been for the boob issue. But my life? Not so much about what I want these days.

It was good though to get away. We're going on our first real family vacation the end of next month to Plymouth, MA. Just for a long weekend, but I'm excited. I love me a fall trip.

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