Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Someone Get Me a Cocktail

So far, for the past two mornings I've managed to shower, put on lotion, dressed in normal clothes AND put on make-up. You hear so many horror stories of new mothers who forego showering for days and I've never understood that. I mean the kid does sleep, right? You can't sneak in a quick shower then?

Anyway, I'm proud of my little accomplishments. So far, you know, it's not so bad. Of course, I didn't leave the house yesterday. In fact, with just a few exceptions, I haven't left the house in the last week and a half. Which, if you know me, you know is weird. I like being on the go. I'm not really a veg-on-the-couch kind of girl.

Today, I'm going to try to be more ambitious. I need to go to my church to pick up forms for Rolo's baptism. Oh, did I not tell you I named the baby Rolo? Well, actually, I didn't, but a friend of mine came up with that nickname due to some confusion about his real name. So I figure he needs a name on this blog, so why not Rolo?

So, since it's a bit cooler today, I'm going to try to make it to the rectory today. This prospect fills me with a good bit of anxiety. First, because it's a 13 block walk out there. And what they don't really tell you? Is how freakin' winded and depleted walking will make you post-delivery. It's ridiculous. Then once I get there, there are three or four stairs up to the rectory door, but they're not really deep stairs, so I can't take the stroller up with me (sidenote, the Bugaboo with the bassinet seat is ridiculously long--it's like driving a Lincoln towncar. I can't wait until he's old enough for the other seat). Right, so I'm going to have to leave the stroller on the sidewalk, run up the stairs, ring the bell and then run back to the stroller. Which will take all of 2 seconds. But still being separated from the stroller that long will make me nervous. I could take Rolo out of the stroller, up the stairs with me, and I may do that, depending on what the situation on the sidewalk is like when I get there.

Then, assuming someone answers the door, I'll need to drag the stroller and baby up the stairs into the rectory. I'm the type of person who stresses about logistics. Like I need to get to the bus stop 15 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive so that I make sure I don't miss it. I like to streamline things. It's impossible with a baby. And I'm not so good at manuveuring the 'Boo yet...and there's the whole complete depletion of strength thing too.

Then there's trying to time this outing--ideally for when Rolo just eaten and had a diaper changed. Because if he starts wailing in the middle of this walk, I'm not really sure what to do. I mean obviously, I'd feed/change him, but where? A Starbucks? See? I get lost in the logistics.

So I'm going to try this, because I do need to learn how to get around the city with a baby. This is my life now. But it's entirely possible I might get to the rectory, decide that the walk was an excursion enough, and turn around for home before getting the forms.

In addition to this little task, my other goal is to write out some thank you notes. Ron and I have some of the best friends EVER. Everyone has been super-generous with gifts for Rolo and just about everyone who's come to visit has brought food with them. The thoughtfulness of our friends really brings me to tears. Which, come to think of it, isn't hard to do these days. But, the point is, Ron and I are very lucky.

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At 11:17 AM, Blogger Christy said...

No "thank you" notes necessary for these aunties. You have enough to do.

I'm super insane at work this week but would love to sneak in a quick visit with you, Ronnie and Rolo on Wednesday or Thursday. No dinner necessary. Let me know if either day is good. Feel free to let me know the day of.

If not, we'll talk about next week.

Hope the outing went well.

At 12:42 PM, Blogger Star said...


Awesome. I named your baby!

Good luck maneuvering. Before you know it you'll be tolling around at all hours with the boo and little Rolo, sipping cocktails, and it will feel like you've been doing it for ages.

At 12:42 PM, Blogger Star said...

That was supposed to say "tooling around"


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