Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I have been resisting converting to the Blogger Beta. I have a feeling Blogger is going to take away my option to resist soon.

Anyway, it's 2007! Ron had to work yesterday so we laid low on New Year's Eve. Oh, right and there was an Eagles game at 4:15pm that prevented us from going out to dinner. But I'm not bitter.

Instead of dinner, we headed to the Art Museum area and had brunch at Rembrant's. Rembrant's had the potential of being very good if they paid more attention to timing. I ordered the traditional eggs benedict and Ron ordered the eggs basildict, a Rembrant's special. The only real difference is that Ron's was served with a tomato-basil sauce and sausage instread of the traditional hollandaise sauce and Canadian bacon. Unfortunately, both our eggs and my Canadian bacon were seriously undercooked. Kind of grossed me out. That should be the easy part of the cooking. The harder part, getting the hollandaise sauce right, they totally aced. Probably the best hollandaise sauce I've ever had. And the tomato-basil sauce on Ron's was excellent as well. A totally different flavor, but it really worked. Next time, I'd ask for everything well-done. I could have sent everything back to the kitchen this time, but I used to waitress and I know sending food back never pans out well for the customer. Maybe at a five-star restaurant, but generally speaking, bad news.

After brunch, we headed out to Chestnut Hill and walked around a bit. I blew an entire gift card at Borders. We got home in time to watch the game and I had slow-cooked some ribs while we had been out. So we had BBQ ribs for an early dinner and later, I popped some hors d'eouvres (yeah, no idea if that's spelled right and too lazy to look it up) in the oven to have while watching Dick Clark.

I think 2007 will be a good year. One of my best friends is getting married. Ron and I will celebrate our whopping one-year anniversary. The Italian Festival in Baltimore is already on the to-do list. Who knows what else the year will bring?


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