Monday, December 11, 2006


Friday night, we braved the freezing temperatures and found the most perfect Christmas tree. We got it home with no problems and actually got it upright in the stand on pretty much the first try.

Saturday, after hitting the gym, we went to Peddler's Village, where I stocked up on some Christmas candles. Even though it was pretty cold, it was a nice day just walking around, enjoying the scenery. We wound up meeting the in-laws' for dinner at an Italian place that serves lots of stuff not conducive to South Beach. So much to my chagrin I'm adding on another day to my two week regiment to compensate.

Sunday, I did a little baking and lots of cleaning and we decorated the aforementioned tree. It just totally makes my season that this tree isn't dead and leaning. Last night was another in a seemingly endless series of memorial services for Baby M, as well as other children. This one was a candlelight service and I knew it would be less painful than the last memorial service, but I dreaded it, regardless. At any rate, the extended family, including some aunts and uncles came over after the service for coffee and dessert. I love having people over, even if it does tip off my anxiety.


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