Monday, October 02, 2006


The pig roast was delightful, albeit soggy--weatherwise, anyway. The pig didn't taste any different than other pork sandwiches I've had, but it was good. Surprisingly, seeing the whole pig didn't really turn my stomach at all. In fact, we stayed after the party was over and were in the kitchen when the host's cousin, who is a chef, cut down the remaining parts of the pig. Including gouging its eye sockets, where according to him, "the good stuff is." Still, I was unphased and was left wondering why I didn't marry a chef. There's something sexy about a man who knows how to handle a knife.

Sunday, Ron and I went to the Morning Glory diner, which strangely we had never been to, and it was delish. It doesn't strike me as the type of place you'd normally find in the city. I thought it was charming. While we didn't tour the Italian Market as I'd planned, we did get several errands done, and since the weather was great, I did go for a run down by the river. Actually, "run" is a bit of a stretch. More like "run, nearly die, rest, walk, run some more and collapse". I always underestimate how different running on a treadmill is from running outside. I came home completely dejected about not being able to run the whole way.

While I was out, ahem, running, a pot roast was cooking in my new slow cooker. I make carrots and potatoes as well and seasoned it all with rosemary and red wine. We enjoyed dinner with some red wine and YUM. Tonight will be leftovers in the form of cheesesteaks, a pre-game meal since the Eagles are on Monday Night Football. Which means right after dinner, I'll be heading out to a bar to watch it on a big screen. And now that the bars are smoke-free, it will be a beautiful thing.


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