Friday, September 22, 2006

This Weekend

So, this weekend is turning out to be different than what I expected, and we're sort of all over the place.

I got the new issue of Cooking Light which prompted me to have some nesting instincts that kicks in each fall. Now I want to bake. And cook. I've decided on a couple of fall-like hearty recipes I want to try. Next week, I'm doing some food shopping for different types of meat and I'm going to bust out my new slow cooker, which I'm super excited about. Tonight I'm planning on making a warm pear crisp. With me, it's always a crap shoot how this things will turn out, so we'll see.

Tomorrow I think we're going to this Fall Festival on Sansom Street. Or we might go pick up my ring, which has been in the shop. Or we could go to the Phillies games. We're just crazy like that, you never know what we're going to do. We are, however, off to Christy and Michelle's for a dinner party tomorrow night. Hopefully, not after too many German beers at the aforementioned festival or we may become the entertainment for the party.

Sunday, I'll most likely go to see my Nana who broke her hip last week. She seems to be doing well, relatively speaking, and she has already started some PT. They seem hopeful that she might actually walk again with a walker. She's 87 so, that's not too bad. Anyway, I'm sure a decent portion of the rest of the afternoon will be dedicated to football. I came really close to winning in my football pool last week (damn Steelers) so we'll see how this week goes.

I'm again thinking of having a cocktail party. Trouble is our schedule is pretty full for the next month or so. We're thinking the beginning of November. I hope we actually do it.


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