Thursday, October 05, 2006

How Many Excuses?

So, I'm a Republican. One of the interesting things I find about being that in an urban setting is that people hear the word "Republican" and it automatically translates in their heads as "right-wing, corrupt fascist". So when people learn of my political affiliation, there is an assumption that I must stand behind the worst characteristics of that party. Which, of course, is ridiculous. Ridiculous to think that the two (for all intents and purposes) political parties we have in this country could possibly encompass every citizen's beliefs.

I've had friends, innocently enough, ask why I'm a Republican. I know their interest is sincere but it's hard not to detect the hint of disappointment in their voices, and the question might as well be, "Oh but why do you like to kick puppies?"

This blog isn't political and I'm not a particularly political person. My view is that I have voice in this country as a citizen, a right to vote which I am free to exercise. I do not feel that I am entitled to know, nor do I presume to know, why certain things happen the way they do in Washington. I think this administration, along with every other administration in the history of this country, has its share of triumphs and scandals. I think the people who wind up on the ballots are not necessarily the best representation of either political party, but they are the ones with the most funding.

I am a republican for the same reasons many of you might be affiliated with your political party, or for the reasons you might be a particular religion: I was born into it. I was born into a conservative, structured, republican family. It shaped who I am and what I believe. And as I've done with my religion, I've taken the pieces of republican politics I like and embraced them, and I reject those pieces I don't agree with. Can you do that? Can you select what pieces you like and throw any the others? Of course you can. What other choice do you have, unless you enjoy being brainwashed?

I don't think there's much hope that Republicans will retain power for much longer and frankly, I think it's time for a change. Let's see what Democrats can do.

All that being said, how freaking ridiculous is this whole Foley thing? I mean how many excuses does this guy need? I'm an alcoholic. Oh, wait, I was also molested. Oh yeah, and I'm gay! Guess what, buddy, you may be all or none of those things but you are a pedophile, you douchebag!

Turns my stomach.


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