Friday, January 25, 2008

Blind for Real

So I had wound up going to the Wills Eye Emergency Room earlier this week. The light sensitivity was pretty had and my vision had started getting blurry. The doctors there confirmed that the pink eye was still raging and that it was causing abrasions on my eyes--hence, the blurry vision. I was given a round of steriods and ointment and sent on my way with strict instructions to return for a follow-up appointment today. Because apparently if you put steriods on your eyes and don't follow up with a doctor, your eyeballs just fall out.

So today, my eyes look better, the light sensitivity is almost gone, and my vision is better, although not perfect. The opthomologist today told me that I need to continue the steriods, that I would need another appointment in two weeks, so they could follow-up again and fit me for glasses.

Back the truck up.


Yeah, I'm not ready for glasses.



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