Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Working Girl

So being back to work is...good. Really. I mean I'm sure I'll feel differently next week when I've got this major project looming over me. But this week, this week so far is good.

Being back here, I've slipped right back into my old life. I'm not sure how exactly to express this, but my life over the last few months has changed so dramatically, that when I actually think about it, it doesn't seem like my life at all. So being at work, somewhere so familiar, being in the actual building is comforting in a strange way. It was a bit strange yesterday because it was like time stood still while I was away. Since I went into labor the morning of August 1st, the calendars in my office were still on July 2007. There were post-it notes about issues that have now long since been resolved, albeit by someone other than myself.

But once I cleared up the time-warp, everything was fine. There are moments during the day now when I almost forget about Rolo. I can run out and get a cup of coffee without wrangling the stroller down a flight of stairs. I can send an email using both hands. I can talk on the phone without a little person wailing in my ear. I can think, uninterrupted. I can't explain how glorious that is. Going back to work and day care is affording me the opportunity to not go completely crazy.

So you know, I'm sure I'll be bitching about work in no time, but for now, I totally love being here.

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