Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Sadly, last night was not a repeat of the previous night. Rolo slept for 5 hours straight last night, which is definitely better than 3 hours, but unfortunately those 5 hours started at 7:30pm. While I'm all about going to bed early, retiring before 8pm is a bit much, even for me.

Also, Rolo, who really only occasionally takes a pacifer, is turning into a thumb sucker. This has literally transpired over the last few days and it does not please me for several reasons. One, I don't really like thumb-sucking. Yes, it's self-soothing, but it's harder, I imagine, to take away a thumb than it is to take away a binky. Two, he's sucking on his hand so much, he's literally making his skin raw. Not too attractive. Three, MY GOD, IS THE SUCKING IS LOUD. I mean this kid slurps, loudly, for long periods of time. No, he's not hungry. He's just slurping on his thumb for the hell of it. Loud, slurpity, slurpity slup. Loud enough that it wakes me up.

The child will be in his own room within a month.



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