Friday, May 04, 2007

Narrowing It Down

Thanks for your input. I think it's down to either the Pink Aloha or the Pink Kasey. I like both of them equally well and it may come down to if either are on sale when this kid is born. Ron is leaning towards the Kasey over the Aloha though, so that might make Kasey the winner. Of course, last night he saw the Bubble Gum and decided he really liked that one too. I do like it as well, so who knows, maybe it's really between those 3. I don't think a bad decision could really be made here. Pine Creek has some nice, very bright pink and green patterns but their crib bumpers are very poofy (which you know isn't so good for babies who can suffocate) and frankly I don't need to add any more options to the mix

The reason Ron saw any crib bedding last night is because we were in the USA Baby in Cherry Hill to check out the Bugaboo. The USA Baby folks are very nice and actually let you touch their Bugaboos. Overall, it's a great store (for some reason, the name of the place left me with low expectations) and I'd register there if I weren't already registered at the Hell Pit.

So I'm in love, people. I have a deep love for the Bugaboo Frog. I really expected not to like it that much. I had heard it's hard to fold and kind of heavy, but I found neither to be true. Unfortunately, my husband (who must have forgotten his place) has forbidden me to actually purchase this. I'm hoping against all hope that this is because he is planning on surprising me with one, because he loves surprising me, but really, it's probably just the hefty price tag has him spooked. Which I suppose is just as well. I can continue to covet them from afar.


At 1:40 PM, Blogger Star said...

I hope you get it. I'll cross my fingers and do crazy voo-doo chants so that hubby buys it for you.


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