Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Recap

The weekend was delightful. I'm not sure why other than the weather was good and it wasn't too hectic. That being said, we really didn't spend any time at home. Friday night we ran some errands, including going to Babies R Us (note to readers: I'm quickly learning that Babies R Us is a total pit of hell), and then dinner at the Cherry Hill Diner on Route 38. If you're ever in that section of Jersey and are looking for your typical diner, the Cherry Hill diner is your place. I think I even like it better than the Silver Diner, even though the Silver Diner is all fancy with its own website.

While Ron ran around with his frat brothers on Saturday afternoon, I did a little shopping, but more importantly, I re-potted all my plants. I haven't done that since last spring and my plants were definitely hurting for a little love. I have a fiscus tree that's I got when it was super tiny and now it requires a pot so large, it may soon outgrow the apartment. Thank God we're moving to a place with a deck. Saturday night we went to my in-law's family compound where my nephew proceeded to tell me that he feels like a princess. Ahem.

Yesterday, we visited Baby Supermart. We did this at my sister-in-law's suggestion when she found out that the furniture I was registered for at the aforementioned Hell Pit (aka Babies R Us) couldn't be ordered. It turns out that the furniture company's plant in Vietnam is on strike and no furniture will be shipped until, like, never. Instead of maybe giving consumers a head's up on this, Babies R Us allows you to pick out and register for items from this company that you might never receive in this lifetime. We really didn't find anything at Baby Supermart--although they do have some great stuff.

We then continued on our baby quest in search of the ever-elusive Bugaboo. We just want to see one live, in-person, at a store that will allow us to play with it, take it apart, etc. I don't think we'll be buying one but if we were even to consider it, I'd at least like to be able to see how it handles and how easy it is to fold. Nordstrom's and Neiman Marcus supposedly carry them, but they had none in their King of Prussia stores. Boo, hiss.

So we bailed on that idea and since we were already halfway there, we headed out to Lancaster to do a little antiquing. Or junk shopping as my husband calls it. I can't wait to own a house, because there are so many cute things I want to get. It stinks when you find so many good pieces only to realize that you have no room for them. We had gone with the intention of trying to find a desk or a buffet sideboard for the new place, but those items were elusive. Regardless, it was a beautiful day to drive out in the country. Pizza Hut for dinner and Cold Stone Creamery for dessert rounded out the day (what can I say? I do love my chain restaurants).

Tonight, it's the gym and laundry. Not nearly as fun. But I might whip up some steak fajitas for dinner. Not that that makes up for having to do laundry.


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