Thursday, May 24, 2007

El Fuego

So after months of my friend Meg (yeah, someone updates her blog oh, like, never) telling me El Fuego is THE place for burrittos, I finally checked it out at lunch yesterday. They do have more meat options, like chorizo, than some other burritos places. And if you like beans, you have a choice of either black or pinto. The burritos are GINORMOUS. Maybe too ginormous. Like it was, no exaggeration, almost the size of my head. At Santa Fe, they have a mini-burrito, which is what I usually opt for. It's still a good size but is actually manageable to eat in one sitting. If El Fuego would offer a mini, I'd be all over it. That said, the half of the El Fuego chicken burrito I had yesterday was quite tasty. I recommend the spicy salsa.

Also, I'm lazy. While I'm sure many want to be able to pick out the different ingredients for their burrito, I sort of wish El Fuego had some pre-concocted ones like Santa Fe does. I did not try El Fuego's guacamole, but I definitely plan on going back to sample that.



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