Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm So Disciplined

I waited two hours yesterday to see my doctor for a scheduled appointment. It was supposed to be at 1p.m., but instead I saw him at about 3p.m. I was totally annoyed but this particular doctor so nice that I didn't rip his head off. In fact, I'm hoping he happens to be on the day I deliver.

By the way, did I tell you about my tour of the maternity ward? Yeah, I've seen motels in North Jersey that are better appointed than these rooms. Or "holding cells", as Ron calls them. It's quite dismal. My only hope is that at least I'll get a private room and don't have to share one with a crack whore and/or criminal. Delivering in an urban setting is AWESOME.

My boss is actually the person who heads up renovations for this particular hospital and I spent most of my next bi-monthly meeting with him trying to convince him to renovate the maternity ward before August. I don't think I was successful.

Anyway, so yesterday, after waiting over an hour in the waiting room, one of the nurses takes my vitals in the hallway and then directs me to a patient room to wait for the doctor, after I've used the rest room. So on my way to that room, back from the loo, I realize I've forgotten which room the nurse indicated I should use. There are two closed doors side-by-side and both have charts on them. Then I realize that the only way I've going to know what room is mine is by looking to see which chart is mine.

The baby's gender is in that chart. All over that chart, in fact.

I was hoping I could see the side tab of the folder to see what patient name was on the chart, but the folder was so full of papers, that I couldn't see the side tab without actually lifting the chart out of its holder. I was going to have to handle the chart. Damn it.

Turns out I was so worried about accidentally seeing the gender in the chart, that when I noticed the due date, which was my due date, written at the bottom of the folder, I didn't even open the chart to look for the name. What were the odds that the person in the other room would have the same exact due date?

Can you believe my restraint? That my hands were actually on the chart and I didn't peek? I'm better than I thought.



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