Saturday, May 12, 2007


Ron is working today and I've got a leisurely day of nothing going on. So far I went to yoga this morning, sat out in the park reading this afternoon. Next up is a short nap, a walk around the neighborhood (I sense that I might get an ice cream cone on the way) and then back to the apartment to clear house. I planning on cleaning the kitchen floor and purging things from my hall closet, bathroom and bedroom. I've love to vacuum, except the vacuum is broken, yet again. I hate that piece of shit.

Tonight I think I'm going to make pizzelles. I haven't made any since Christmas and I know Ron's mom likes them. Since we're going to see her tomorrow, I figure I'll bring some.

Last night, Ron and I had dinner at a byob in the neighborhood called La Viola. I have an aunt named Viola, but that's beside the point. Anyway, I thought we'd need a reservation, particularly on a Friday night, but we were seated almost immediately. The restaurant is very small and the tables are smushed together so that you're essentially eating with other people. Strangely, I didn't mind this and barely noticed the people right next to us. The food was great and reasonably priced. I had a caesar salad which was pretty typical for a caesar salad but Ron had the antipasta of the day, which was fantastic. For entrees, I had the penne alla caruso, which came with a rose cream sauce, peas and pancetta. Ron ordered the farfalle marinara with shrimp. Portions were a good size and we each enjoyed the meal.

Now, about that nap....

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At 7:25 AM, Blogger Christy said...

That sounds like a really great way to spend your first Mother's Day Weekend!

Congrats to you today. You're going to be a great mom.


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