Thursday, January 04, 2007


Have I mentioned the Disney trip here yet? I don't think so. I'm probably in denial.

On Saturday, Ron and I are flying down to Orlando, to spend 10 days with his parents, sisters, one brother-in-law and their children in a big house. The plan is to go to all the Disney parks, like every fucking day, Universal for a couple of days and Lord knows what else. All I know is I am the proud owner of several "park-hopper" theme park tickets, each of which are good for like 7 days. Because nothing says "cutting edge" like have a park-hopper pass. I'm not sure how all this happened, since I don't even like Disney, but what can I say? Marriage is about compromise.

It won't all be bad. I'm sure for at least the first day or two, it'll be cute to see the nieces and nephew get all excited at the parks. And Epcot won't be bad. We might do Sea World too and that would be cool. I've got both Deidre and Meg telling me it won't be that bad and giving me restaurant recommendations. Ron and I will escape every now and then to do our own thing, but mostly, this will be one, big, family vacation. I love my in-laws. They're great people. Let's see how much I still love them after spending 10 solid days with them.

My comfort is that the house is huge and each bedroom has its own bathroom. The potential problem could be that my mother-in-law will have gone grocery shopping by the time we get down there and I plan on doing some grocery shopping when I get there, because frankly, I don't eat the same things everyone else in that household does. I mean, I eat what they eat when I'm over their house, but I can't have pasta for 10 days straight. We'll see how me cooking my own food goes over.

The other problem is screaming children. I don't like them. Not only will my nieces and nephews be screaming, because I'm sure they won't nap the entire time we're there, but there's also the 1.3 billion other screaming children at Disney. In theory, the parks shouldn't be too crowded this time of year. We'll see.

Seriously, pray for me. And if I come back wearing a Minnie Mouse shirt, I give you full permission to put me out of my misery.


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