Thursday, December 07, 2006


The Gap is seriously annoying me. It's not like I buy my finest apparel there are anything, but it is where I go to buy 1.) gray sweat socks (seriously, they're perfect. Not too thick, not too thin and gray is way cooler than white) 2.) summer clothes that are essentially disposable (by June, all their summer t's and skirts are all on clearance--who cares if I only wear them once?) and 3.) holiday sweaters.

Would it kill the Gap to have a red sweater right now? I swear everything in there is either white, black or tan. I know that's not unusual since it is the freaking GAP after all but really, they usually introduce more color at the holidays. I only wear red at Christmas so I'd rather go to the Gap to get my cheesy sweater than Ann Taylor.

None an acceptable sweater to be had. Sad, really.


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