Monday, November 20, 2006

It's A Wonderful Time of Year

So I kicked off the weekend on Friday by buying my sixth pair of shoes in 3 days. In my defense they were on sale at Ann Taylor Loft for $24.99 and are very similiar to these (only the ones I got are brown velvet).

That night, Ron and I went to La Fontana, which was delicious. I ordered their regular gnocchi ala pomodoro, which was fantastic, while Ron ordered one of the specials, also gnocchi but with shrimp and scallops. The gnocchis were light and fluffy and didn't leave a heavy feeling behind. The place is pretty cute, the waiters are all from Italy and since it's BYOB, the bill is affordable.

Saturday I enjoyed one of the most satisfying days I've had in awhile. I took yoga with not-Nora, who switched things up a bit with a more challenging routine. I loved it and told her so. Then, instead of running errands all over the city like I normally would, I holed myself up in my apartment, cleaning and cooking. I lit some candles, plugged my iPod into the speakers and went to work. I made some ribs in my crockpot and baked my very first apple pie from scratch. For some reason, rolling out dough is not easy for me. I don't know why that is. Anyway, it wasn't the prettiest looking pie (I have yet to master fluting the edges of a crust) and while it was missing something (more brown sugar? maybe sweeter apples?), it turned out pretty well for my first attempt. I'm going to make another Wednesday night to bring to my parents' house on Thursday.

That night, I went to 5:15 p.m. Mass and then I headed out to Eulogy Tavern with Meg for some dirty ho's, a delightful combination of Hoegaarten and Framboise. By the way, someone needs to update her blog.

Knowing how much I enjoy going to see different real estate, Meg invited me to go with her to visit some open houses. So we spent the afternoon trapsing across town looking at a couple of cute trinities. That is, a couple of cute trinities and also, the Mother of All Houses. Trust me, the pictures do not do it justice. There's lots of original 1700s character including the plank pine floors. The kitchen is gorgeous, with plenty of room for entertaining. The bathroom is so fantasic, you almost don't notice the what-were-they-thinking red tub. The house is the perfect blend of original detail and appropriate updating. I love, love, love this house, and should it ever drop in price by about $100k, I'll make an offer.

Last night, I had a work function at Buca di Beppo. Lots of Italian food this weekend--YUM. Speaking of Italian, I'm headed to the Italian Market tomorrow to pick up some cookie cutters. I made a dough last night for Lintzer tarts and now I just need some fancier cutters than I have. Back to Fante's which, unfortunately, is closed today.


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