Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend Recap

So Blogger is trying to get me to switch to its new updated version, but I haven't had the energy to actually click the update link and see what that's about.

Anyway, today is not a wonderful day. But this past weekend, however, was a wonderful weekend. Friday night I met up with Deidre and another of her bridesmaids. We're desperately trying to solidify the location for the bridal shower and did a test run of some locations. There are some scary people at bars out there in the country ("the country" is my new term for anywhere outside of the city).

Saturday, I did yoga with not-Nora and finally did some weight-lifting, an activity I'd been neglecting. Afterwards, Ron and I did something we have never done before: we went for a run together outside. We've been talking about doing that for years, and I'm finally at a running place where I can kind of keep up with him. The weather was beautiful--actually, it was a little too warm for running-- but running outside is definitely hard for me. We walked around the Italian Market a bit, where I bought fun cooking toys at Fante's and then went to see "Borat" in the early evening. It's funny but also highly offensive. After the movie, we swung by the mall and started our Christmas shopping. I spent an hour in the Disney Store. Oy.

When leaving the Italian Market earlier in the afternoon, we drove past The Saloon, a restaurant that we've walked past during our house hunting days. We decided we'd scope it out for dinner. We settled in for a drink at the bar, looked over the menu, and then read that the restaurant only takes American Express. Who the hell carries American Express? Jimmy Rollins, apparently does because he and his crew walked past us at the bar. Since we don't have AmEx and there are virtually no ATMs anywhere in the vicinity, I decided to drag Ron over to Beau Monde. Ron had never been there and I hadn't been there in years. Everything was delicious and we left totally stuffed. They also have an upstairs lounge, which is gorgeous--sort of 1940s glam.

Yesterday, I went to a Christmas show (yes, Christmas) with my sisters-in-law. It was the first time just the three of us have hung out together so it was nice.

All and all a good weekend. Not such a good Monday. The good news is that I made a roast yesterday for dinner tonight so no cooking for me, just heating up. Lovin' it!


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