Thursday, November 09, 2006


I'm a little bit broken-hearted over the impending Reese/Ryan divorce. When they announced their separation, I had hoped they would just reconcile and get over the whole thing. Of course I had hoped the same thing for Jessica Simpson and Nick La-Che.

I could take or leave Mr. Phillippe, who, by the way, has entirely too many repeating letters in his last name, because he seems sulky and not much fun. But Reese, I heart Reese. I mean it's I've never been totally bowled over by her acting or anything (although I haven't see "Walk the Line"), but she just seems like a genuine person. She never acted out, she seems stable. She seemed to have a good marriage, cute kids (who she reportedly is actually raising herself with her husband sans the usual nanny), a solid career. She and Ryan made a very pretty couple and they didn't seem to seek out media attention. These are all things you don't seem to find in Hollywood. Reese even makes sure she has monogrammed stationary because she believes in hand-written notes. And since having monogrammed stationary is a belief I also subscribe to, I feel that she and I might be kindred souls.

Although admittedly, she's a lot perkier than I.


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