Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to Square One

So the "phase of the week" is currently: total freak out at day care drop-off.

What the hell? For months, MONTHS, Rolo has been fine at drop-off. But so far every morning this week has involved hysterical crying. He's more mobile than he was 3 months ago when we last went through this, so he's able to chase after me and cling to my legs. Good times.

I'm following the same routine as normal: I put him down in a chair at the table, get his breakfast snack ready, have a little chat with him and then leave. The ONLY difference is that because more kids were moved up into his class last week, they've started using both sides of the room for breakfast. So Rolo is on a different side of the room now when eating--however, this is the same side of the room he's spent the majority of the day every day for months now. So it's not like it's "new." It's just "new" at breakfast. Seriously, is THAT enough to throw him for a loop? Because if it is, I'm beginning to think the kid has a personality disorder.

The most frustrating (and confusing) part is that at pick-up time at the end of the day, he doesn't want to leave. I have to chase him around the room. He pitches a fit when I try to "make" him leave before he's ready. Again, WHAT THE HELL? I could see if he had separation issues, or if he hated his day care. But this? He doesn't want me to leave him there, nor does he want me to bring him home.


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