Monday, July 14, 2008

And It's Any Wonder Why We Have An Obesity Problem?

This morning when I dropped Rolo off at daycare, the teachers were feeding the kids Fruit Loops, instead of the regular Cheerios. I should note that Rolo is in an infant transition room for kids from 10 months to about 15 months old. So you know, they are basically babies.

Babies do not need Fruit Loops.

I am outraged. I know I've become an organic food hippie. I operate under the working assumption that there will be plenty of years when my kid will know what McDonald's is, what Fruit Loops are, what soda is. I don't need to be the one to introduce him to any of these things. Most parents allow their infants to gnaw on french fries and then wonder why their kids want to stop at every Mickey D's they pass in the car later on.

As Rolo shows interest in junk food, my aim is to teach him about balance, moderation and eating healthy. I won't be one of those psychos that never lets him eat any junk, but I don't need to start him on bad eating habits early either.

And again, I must say: babies do not need Fruit Loops.

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