Friday, November 16, 2007

Hello, You!

Yes, you! You there at the University of Pennsylvania. Why do you not ever comment? You check my blog nearly every day but you never say hi. And you search for my blog via Google every time. Do you not know you can just bookmark it? Unless you're at different computers all the time, like at the library. Or the computer lab. Do they even still have computer labs? I went to Penn, so you would think I would know this. Of course that was in 2001 and GOOD LORD it's been six years since I received my master's degree! Where the hell is that doctorate I always said I was going to get? I've got to get on that.

But I digress. You there at Penn, you should delurk and say hi! Perhaps we could be friends. Perhaps we already are friends and I don't realize it's you. Do you not comment because you have to have a Blogger account? Yeah, that's a pain I know, but there's really no way around that. There are crazies out there. I don't mean to scare you away--but all means keep reading even if you don't want to say hi.




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