Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More With the Boobs

I know, I know. When am I going to stop talking about my boobs? Believe me, I really can't wait until they don't take up a good deal of my waking hours either. Because the pressure, the pressure of needing to feed an infant, of worrying whether I'm producing enough, worrying about when to pump, really, it's starting to annoy me. Like on Sunday, I went to an Eagles game. And guess who had to pump in the parking lot while tailgating? Yeah, not fun.

Anyway, we may be making the move to formula soon. I'm sad about that. My supply is down again and this time it's not because I'm on the pill and frankly, I'm too tired to try to figure out what the reason is. Or if there's a reason. Rolo is eating more and with a diminshed supply, I can't quite keep up. Well, I'm making enough that I can get him through the day, but that's assuming he actually drinks whole bottles. There are times when I make up a bottle of what he usually takes, 5 ounces, and he only decides to eat 3 ounces. So that's 2 wasted ounces down the drain. And as much as I want to scream "How can you waste this? Do you not understand how precious the boob juice is???" I realize that it's much better to save any stories about my breastfeeding adventures until he's a teenager and will be truly embarrassed.

I've used almost all of the milk I froze when he was younger, so I don't really have much recourse but to go to formula soon. I think that makes me sad because even though I planned to go to formula in a couple of months, I wanted it to be a decision I made and not something I have no choice but to do. There's a chance my supply could all of a sudden rise again, but I'm not holding out much hope.

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