Thursday, June 07, 2007

Weekend Fun

I'm really looking forward to this weekend because we're going to Baltimore for the St. Anthony's Italian Festival in Little Italy. We've gone every year for the last 5 years and I'm hoping this isn't the first one where it rains. I can't say the festival is super exciting, but it has a great spirit about it. Lots of great food, often served by nuns, stands selling photos & nicknacks, and loads of people playing bocce ball. It's really cute and there's one small street that has games for the kids. One of the things we liked best is the $2 beers from a truck. Sadly, I won't be able to partake in that gloriousness this time around.

Each year we drag some people with us, sometimes my friends, sometimes Ron's. This year I think Ron's cousin and wife, Ron's parents and sisters, along with Deidre and her husband are all headed down. I'm just hoping for no rain.

We're staying at a hotel not far from the festival, a hotel that is also very close to Fells Point. Usually after a day of eating and drinking at the festival, we'll head over to Fells Point where they have some great bars. I'm hoping we can find some outdoor ones this time around because I don't think Baltimore is smoke-free. I just love being pregnant in a bar--I feel like I have "classy" tatooed across my forehead. But Fells Point tends to be where we just get silly. One year we played darts for like what seemed to be 5 hours, until one member of our party literally started falling down and we needed to leave.

Sunday, we'll either head back to the festival or we'll walk around the Inner Harbor. Even though it's pretty small, I really like walking around the harbor. Ron and I will likely go to lunch or dinner or something, because Sunday is also my birthday.

I think I just really like Baltimore. I don't think I could live there as I really only like the Inner Harbor and Fells Point areas. But on a nice day, walking around down there...there's just a great energy about it. Next year when we go, we'll be adding a 10 month old to the party.


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