Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Currently I'm reading "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls. I'm really liking it a lot and find that although most of us haven't had an upbringing that's at all similar to the author's, there are themes of isolation, courage, drive and frustration that are universal. I also read "Three Junes" by Julia Glass last month while on vacation. I enjoyed the interwoven storylines. Sometimes that style of storytelling frustrates me, but I found this to be easy to follow and still interesting at the same time.

I asked my friend Christy awhile back for some books to get to keep me busy while on maternity leave. She made some great suggestions and based on her recommendations, I plan on getting "Julie and Julia" by Julie Powell, "Eat, Love, Pray" by Elizabeth Gilbert, "The Memory of Running" by Ron McLarty. I'm also considering "The Last Days of Summer" by Steve Kluger, and "The Inheritance of Loss" by Kiran Desai. I'm trying to resist the urge to buy these and some others now, because I'll likely read them all before I go out on leave. And then what will I do? Of course, it's probably pretty dumb to put off reading them, particularly if I'm having the urge to read--because that urge had been lacking over the last year. And I'm going to get another yoga book, either "The Woman's Book of Yoga and Health" or "A Woman's Book of Yoga". One was recommended to me by my yoga instructor and now I can't remember which one.

I'm also planning on (finally) getting a library card so I don't necessarily have to buy every book I want to read. I have nowhere to really put more books. In fact, I may need to throw some out, ones I wasn't in love with and would never read again. It's a sin to throw books away though so I'll need really to investigate donating them.

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions for reading material, I'd love to hear them.



At 2:12 PM, Blogger Christy said...

I liked The Glass Castle. I thought it was really fascinating!

I read Three Junes- it took me forever. I thought it was worth the effort though. The author has a new book out that I've been wanting to read.


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