Friday, January 26, 2007

Date Night

Ron and I are going to Bennigan's tonight. I know, not exactly classy or exciting, but we have some coupon-promotion thing. Plus chain restaurants are one of my guilty pleasures.

The coupon thing will be interesting. We had stopped at the Bennigan's in KOP during the Christmas shopping frenzy and they handed out sealed coupons that you couldn't open and had to present during your next visit in January. We could win $5000. But more likely, we'll get $2 off an appetizer. Whatever. They have French onion soup and I love their Southwest spring rolls. Good enough for me.

Last night my girlfriends and I went to Mixto for drinks and appetizers. I'll definitely need to take Ron back there for dinner one night. The decor is great and the restaurant is a lot larger than I thought from the outside. The chicken empanadas were great and I loved the fried plantain chips with guacamole!

But then, I love anything with guacamole.


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