Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Plans Interrupted

This past weekend was supposed to be dedicated to cleaning the apartment and getting supplies for our upcoming cocktail party, or three-ring circus, as I like to call it. Anyway, last Thursday, I had no plans for the weekend other than prep work for the party and then by Friday, WHAM!the weekend was jam-packed. Friday, I rounded up a group of friends for a drink. That turned into a 6 hour affair, possibly longer. For some reason I can't exactly remember. Saturday we suddenly had dinner reservations with 2 other couples. Much of the day Saturday, up until dinner, was spent recovering from Friday. Sunday brought on some errands we couldn't avoid, but later that day I got sucked into the land of the in-laws. So anyway, the weekend of party-prepping resulted in absolutely no prepping at all.

So last night, Ron and I headed to Delaware and dropped the equivilant of a car payment at the liquor warehouse. Just like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde, we smuggled alcohol across state lines back into to Pennsylvania. Then we got some good eats at the Mexican Post--they actually have one in Delaware--and I so happy. Tonight, I think I'm heading to the supermarket or maybe Party City, or maybe both. The rest of the week will be dedicated to cleaning the apartment. Which includes trying to find half of the glassware we received as wedding gifts.

The reason that this party is going to be a bit of a three ring cirus is that I just don't know what to expect. There's an interesting mix of people coming, perhaps one might even say an odd mix, and it could either be totally awesome or totally awkward. And knowing, particularly with Ron's friends, that those who said they weren't coming might show up and those that said they were coming might not, we could either have a party of 6 people or 25. You just never know. It'll be interesting.

I'm not sure what I'll wear....but that's a whole other post.....


At 7:58 PM, Blogger Star said...

I'll be wearing a heavy wool sweater, green, with a red/yellow polka dot silk skirt. I'll have the pink wig on with my tiara. I am not planning to use the purple boa, so you can TOTALLY borrow it. I got my outfit at Ann Taylor, so don't buy the same thing!


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