Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Things Annoying Me Today

So I reached up to get my Schick Quattro razor this morning and looked at it with disgust. It's not that I mind shaving. I actually don't mind it at all. And that's because I rarely spend more than 30 seconds doing it.

I was disgusted because the handle of the razor says "Quattro for Women" on it. And I wondered why on earth they needed to add the "for Women" part. It's a pink freaking razor. I doubt highly that men would look at it in the stores and think, "Well that pink one must be the one for me." I'm also doubting that the Quattros that are chrome and blue say "Quattro for Men" on the handle.

And did you check out the Quattro link up there? It's actually www.quattroforwomen.com. C'mon now. Does it really needs its own website separate from the men's? I looked up the link for purposes of this post and I'm so glad I did. Otherwise how would I have known that I could join the "owner's club". Or that they have a "tubside assistance operator", who will tell you that it's fun to dispense shaving cream out of "shiny, pretty cans". I'm sorry, did I not get the memo that women were all mentally challenged?



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