Monday, November 02, 2009


Me: We probably need to really start talking about names.
R: Well, boy names are hard. We have some girl names don't we?....Ella's still on the list, right?
Me: Yeah, it is. But I'm less enamoured with it than I was 2 years ago. We have a girl's middle name though, right? We're still using my mom's?
R: Yeah, that's fine.
Me: I sort of feel bad though. I mean, I feel like I should incorporate my grandmother's name somehow.
R: We could use her name, or your middle name, as a middle name.
Me: I know. But...I've sort of been set on using my mom's as a middle name. Still, I feel a little bad about not using my grandmother's.
R (not unkindly): Your grandmother deserves it more.
Me (sighing): I know.

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