Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

Sunday was Mother's Day and it started out in a way I will not forget. I awoke to the sound of Rolo calling "Mama!" from the bottom of the stairs. Glorious sunlight was streaming into my room and the clock read 7:30am, a full hour and a half later than I normally rise on the weekends. For a second, I was completely confused and thought Rolo must have gotten out of his crib somehow. But, no, upon rolling over, I realized Ron was already out of bed.

What makes this all so spectacular, and I apologize because I know this will sound trivial, is that I didn't wake up when Rolo did. Ron usually gets him on weekend mornings, a tradition from my maternity leave days that never ended. But the reality is that I would always hear Rolo crying on the monitor and then I'd hear Ron and he playing (or arguing) downstairs, so even though Ron was the one who "got up early", I was awake anyway. But Saturday night the conditions were such that we had the windows open and a fan on in both our room and Rolo's. The combination served to drown out any noise. So, inadvertently, I wound up getting extra sleep on Mother's Day, waking up about an hour after Rolo. It was a superb way to start a day.

The End.



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