Friday, March 13, 2009

Heart On My Sleeve

I watched an episode of CSI last night. Or, more correctly, I stopped watching an episode of CSI last night once I started to cry.

There was an incident, a shooting with many casualties. A man, anguished, held his dead child, refusing to let the medical examiners take him. A CSI agent explaining what the man already knew, that his son was no longer with him, and promising the man they would take good care of his son. Regardless, the man did not want to let go.

I've seen that moment in real life, the moment when a parent has to hand over their dead child, knowing they'll never hold him again. No matter if you believe in God, or heaven, you still don't want to let go.

I turned off the television and prayed for the thousandth time that I never have to be near that moment again.

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