Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Shopping and Dinner

I have two stories that aren't related to each other, other than they both occurred yesterday. I could separate them into two posts, but I'm lazy, so I'll just blob them together in this one post.

You may find this shocking but I haven't been clothes shopping lately. Oh, I've still be spending money like it's water, but mostly on dinners and drinks and trips. Very little shopping. In fact I haven't done much clothes shopping since before the wedding. Case in point: I did not wear a new outfit to our rehearsal dinner. Can you believe that? Anyway, apparently I've been repressing my inner need to shop because I walked out of Macy's yesterday with two suits and three tops. I might go back today for ballet flats which I need desperately since all of a sudden it's fall-like outside.

So I select two pant suits, one a cool striped, dark grey Anne Klein; the other a subtle, tannish, houndstooth. As the sales person is ringing them up, she asks "Are you a lawyer?" I am confused for a minute, then realize I'm already wearing a black pinstriped suit and say "No, why? Do I dress like a lawyer?" She then looked confused and asked, "Well, what do you do for a living then?" I blushed, sheepishly told her, realizing I really do overdress for my type of job. I do not, however, overdress for My Institution.

In other news, Ron and I went to Roy's last night, a 7:30pm reservation which we were late for because of all nights, he had to work late last night. Let me tell you how much I felt like the stereotypical doctor's wife: all dolled up, waiting for my husband to get home. At any rate, I liked the interior of Roy's and even though we were late, it wasn't a problem. I had the baby greens salad, which was great as far as salad goes. Ron had the pork spare ribs which were so good. I wished I had ordered them, but I can't bring myself to order ribs at a place with cloth tableclothes. Because of that, I did not order the beef spare ribs as an entree, settling on the tamari chicken. Ron got the walu, which he like a lot. I have no idea what walu is, per se, other than some sort of fish, but I liked it more than my chicken--and I don't do seafood. The chicken was okay--just sort of bland. The walu wasn't fishy, had an acceptable texture and great seasoning. Both the desserts were good: chocolate banana bombe was delish and the carmel almond torte was good, but could have used more carmel, less almond.

Overall, Ron and I were really excited to have tried somewhere new. Ron always complains that we don't take advantage of all the restaurants the city has to offer and he's right. I'm usually fine going to the pub down the street, but I'm going to try to be more adventurous. We're going to the Astral Plane on Friday with my in-laws.


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