Thursday, January 20, 2005


Ron does this cute, yet annoying thing when he thinks I've said something that's funny, yet stupid. Instead of laughing at what I've said, or asking me what I mean, he'll give me a look and then repeat what I've said back to me in different contexts.

It goes alittle something like this: last week we went food shopping. Serious food shopping. There is a ton of food around. So I say to Ron, "I like the apartment so much better when there's food in it." And then I got the look. So I followed up with, "I mean it's just so much cozier when there's food. I can make dinner, we don't have to go out, we can spend more time here. I have options" Same look.

Since then, I've been subject to the following comments:

While looking up at a potential leak in the ceiling, saying "That would look better if there was more food in this apartment."

While looking in the fridge, saying "Honey, this is a really, I mean really, nice apartment."

In response to my asking him to pick up iced tea on the way home from work respond, "No problem, that'll make the apartment so much nicer."

I can't help but laugh everytime he mentions how "nice" the apartment is. Jerk.


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