Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Five Days and Counting

For the last week, I've dropped Rolo off at day care and he hasn't cried. I'm sure now that I've typed that I've completely jinxed it. But for the last two months, Rolo has cried more days than not when I drop him off. Last Monday, he was so hysterical I seriously considered calling out of work and taking him back home. Only, I figure that's not a very good precedent, since I can't do it every time he's upset and also, I should save my days off for when he's sick.

So I decided that since he retains and understands what we're saying now, I would start talking to him about his teachers and other "friends" at school. That night I had a "conversation" with him, much like you would with an older child, asking him how his day was, who he played with, what songs his teachers sang. And then the next morning, as we were getting dressed, I told him all about his teachers, naming them, naming his classmates, talking about going to school. And that next day, last Tuesday began this streak where he didn't freak out when I dropped him off. Around the same time, I decided when I dropped him off I would talk him through my leaving. I tell him I've got to go to work, that I'll come back after work, he will stay here and play with his friends and then I'll come back. And I always tell him bye-bye. Versus me trying to sneak out of the room when he's not looking. I read somewhere that sneaking out can increase separation anxiety because the child may believe that mommy just "disappears" without warning.

I have no idea if any of this helped, but Rolo seems to finally have adjusted to his new classroom. And that makes the mornings so much more pleasant.

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